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Today is public holiday! Yoohoo! 3 BEST FRIENDS (my mum, my bro, me) and my mum’s best friend as well, went for lunch at town. Initially, we plan for buffet lunch at E&O because my mum just sign up for their membership programmed which is quite costful. But they only have international buffet lunch, doesn’t really go well with our apetite. My mum suggest for Ichiban. Aparently she heard from her boss, ms l that you just have to pay RM35++, eat till you drop sashimi! WOW!

When we arrive at Ichiban restaurant, sat down on the table and see the menu (it’s a ala carte japanese buffet), there is just one issue pop into my mind, “can we leave?” HAHA! From excited to the urge for leaving that restaurant, the menu is definitely the key point to change my mind. Its so little choices and not-really-good-japanese-foods. Not really special at all! But just when I want to suggest to leave, the waitress already place 4 cups of japanese green tea in front of us. What can we do?!

One thing I’m glad is we just choose RM35++ package although in this package we were entitled to only one round of sashimi, the other RM48++ package is unlimited sashimi. Very wise of them to introduce the customer the RM48++ package in the beginning! As I mentioned just now, we are so lucky to choose RM35++ package because the sashimi is not so fresh at all! The food delivery time was so so so so so so so so so so so longgggggggg. And I really mean it. I’m so sorry to say the foods is not nice and not impressive. During the feedback time, when the staff handed me the form, on the coming-back section, I’ve choosed definitely not coming back. I feel so sorry but the foods were not  good in term of quality and if they didn’t make any changes, I feel quite bad for them.

After the lunch, we went for a walk at gurney plaze! My bro was like da shao ye, haha! Try clothes here and there and present his luxurious-lifestyle pose! Well, he is just very good in enjoying life and lead a happy life. To be honest, I’m quite happy for him and kinda admire his carefree style. Maybe he did have some worries, but if it’s so, I would be more impressed as he handle it well enough. Unlike some people, they will just put it on their face and affect people around them. You should take care of people feelings instead of thinking about how to let the anger off on others. Anger is nothing but a Danger!!!

I’m very full today as after japanese buffet lunch, I went for DOME to high-tea, and went for chu char for dinner!

I’m thanks for my parents! I thank God the most for giving me peaceful and happy family!


I’m full in stomach and HEART as well!


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Hakuna Matata

See my blog stat just now! Still 2 hits, and I guess those 2 hits supposingly are from me as well!  Haha! Does that sound pathetic? Well, its ok! Blog just for ownself purpose to put in some thoughts which the brain is too busy to pack with! Good way to persuade ownself eh? Nah! I buy it!

These few days I’ve been struck by Hakuna Matata! Very nice song from Disney. “It’s mean no worries, For the rest of your days, It’s our problem-free philosophy, Hakuna Matata!” Quite a good message to people who always use to think much! I used to think a lot, with “a lot”, I really mean it! You can never imgine how good I am in thinking. The problem is thinking nonsense and unnecessary! That’s troublesome! I can think from present to future and start to worry problems that may arise from future. Fuiyo, with now I’m being able to talk about this, it certainly mean I’ve let this troublesome thinking go away! Proud to say I’ve grow up not by inches, but by big mass of brain growth! Crap!

Worry is what people create, that’s true! To quote from my form six chemistry teacher, Mrs. Sim (kinda miss her), “worry is just a way of energy, because you won’t get something for sure out of worrying, so stop worrying!” Excellent fact! What make us so down and depress is because we dig for problem and we find worries. It may seem that I remain such calmness when problem arise, its not because I neglect the problem. Its just simply that worry is a waste of ATP! I need to reserve some ATP for normal physiological function right! Crap! Haha! Worry won’t change anything. I am really glad for who I am today, free of thinking-burden from the past. I honestly dislike the old version on me during my first year of medical education. I really wasted my life for being depress everyday over something which seem to be small things right now.

Constantly accept challenges and live life to fullest is what we should do despite what ages you are in. 做好事,说好话,存好心, this quotes no doubt convey a very good guideline for us. Many peoply think it impossible. This is simple because they felt it make no sense and stop trying and they are thinking negatively. I use to read a book “The Secret”, with the principle underlying in this book, and with this three GOOD mottos, it definitely make your life happy, believe me, don’t stop trying. Life can be hard for us when frutrated incidents continuos roll towards our direction, but after these incidents, we are going to have sweet endings, believe me! Don’t stop trying no matter how hard is it!

Confession to be made, I’ve skip clinical medicine classess in a row! Haha! Felt guilty but the lecturer is seriously monotonous…….I’m very sorry for the lecturer and at the same time I had to applause for them because despite some people is dozing off, they still continues their teaching.


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Well, I thought I was to be very lazy to update this blog! It was almost a week that I didn’t post anything. Lotsa random thoughts though.

Monday: nothing special except classess, classess and classess…such a long day! although I recalled having watch some movie, devils wear prada, princess diaries 2, mostly anne hathaway is in the movie that I watched!

Tuesday: again, classess and I skip anatomy adh session! haha! was so sleepy enough! maybe I can go on next week. Feeling guilty but at the same time muscles are supporting the act of not going! Crap!

Wednesday: well, today my roomy, hy, ask me to go for bday celebration for our classmates nichy and wt. Its at korean restaurant and I’m the one who lead the way. Thanks for my new roomy, cw, that I finally learn the routes! cw was kinda happy as well cause her fellow batchmates also have farewell dinner at swiss inn for prof. She look nice with her white dress! The bday celebration was very nice and simple and the korean restaurant owner was so kind that she treat us somesort of purple beverages. taste quite nice though even most of my classmates don’t really like it. Taste like coughdrop according to my roomy hy. hehe! Both of the bday girl and boy were very happy and surprise!

Thursday: Same old day…nothing much…

Friday: YOOHOO! My bro is coming back on sat! Very happy! and today I’m going back to penang as well! Friday, I love it!!!

Saturday: My bro was back! We go for lunch at korean restaurant, Korea Palace. Wow, the kimchi stew was so nice that in the end, the bowl is basically dry! the bulbogi is worth a try despite it cost RM50. My bro tried the fried rice with kimchi, it was dry for me! I can feel my mum is happy cause my bro is back! How often does he come back anyway! I’m happy as well!  That night, I ask my bro about some ques, and he said what my lecturer told me is wrong, well that very same night, I found out what I think was correct! hoho! AHA!!! I’m going to clarify next week when I’m back!

Scannning through Kumar and Clarke during sunday =_=” ! Sounds kinda nerdy! Need to think more and think critically though cause I’m lack of that! I’m going to work for it, never give up!


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Nice lunch!

Well, today I felt very lucky and glad that I get to eat some delicious japanese foods at Ryoma. It was my mum’s best friend birthday, to be accurate its a belated celebration because we have dinner on saturday and were unable to celebrate for her.

So we went to Ryoma, and the restaurant was really nice and the environment is of course close-to-perfect! What amaze me the most is the dishes on their menu. Rich in varieties and never out of originality of japanese cuisine. There maybe many japanese restaurant in Penang, but many of them have deviate from the true japanese cuisine. Luckily Ryoma did preserve the originality.

We order quite a number of dishes and I personally order the raw salmon temaki! Yeaheh! The salmon slice was very thick and it blend with the while temaki roll very well! The thick slice is what surprise me most because some restaurant just give a really tiny tiny slice of salmon and they call it “salmon” roll! Crap! Apart from temaki, we have fish head in special sauce, toufu with raw tuna, sashimi donburi, salmon fried rice! It was very full when I finish the dishes! Totally forgot about getting plump!

I skip my dinner because got to go back to my uni..Seriously, if you have hypertension, don’t ever eat at my uni! Severe hypertension is what you will have! haha! How salty is the foods! Or perhaps they have rich source of salts and have no ideas on how to utilise it.

I forgot about PBL IS BEING HELD TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aha! Didn’t read up some info for last triggers….I should be ashame then as I bring such a heavy reference book back to my home on fri. haha! What’s the point! I’m going to look stupid on PBL tomorrow. haha!


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Crappy day!

Early morning wake up for pulmonary circulation studies…damn! to be honest, Ganong is making me do round and round! I was wondering am I too stupid to understand or I study it with while I’m sleeping! Crappy!

Later on, I thought my mum was going to treat her best friend lunch as to celebrate her friends’ birthday. So when I follow my dad’s car while I thought my dad is going to drop me on my mum’s working place, it turned out that he’s joining his best friends family for breakfast. Well, its a REALLY BIG BUNCH of family members, that’s what I have in my mind when I first saw them. So we headed to some place for breakfast and it was really hot in the coffee shop! With the big bunch family members going on, well, I was standing there, ok, maybe a bit tachycardia because I don’t know what to do seriously! So my mum did told me to be sporting and be friendly, but its hard because I don’t really know them. And so I stand there to wait for tables to be seated and it was real long that I started to ponder what am I doing here? Crappy!

Finally at night time, my dad was going to treat his best friend dinner, and to be honest, I was thinking of escaping at first but it wasn’t a good idea and a good manners. When we was going to meet them, it was surprise to find out that some of the family members still haven’t gone back! AHAH! And AGAIN, BIG BUNCH FAMILY! It rains quite heavily and we still manage to drive to the restaurant. And I’m really FULL!

Well, I did get to some new friends, one of them know my brother. haha, turn out to be that my bro said this person does not like him much! Way to go bro! My talkactive bro!

Seeing this new friend go through lots of complicated process just to get registered with MMC, suddenly, I felt I’m really lucky although I never get a chance to further my studies in local uni. Sometime in the process of realizing your dream, ironically, you will lost in the process of obtaining the dream. I never felt ashamed to admit that I did once, or not really just one time that I forgot why am I pursuing a medical degree? Eventually when I see and feel it with my own eyes during clinical skill training and a visit to klinik kesihatan, then only I realised. This feeling come on and off. In fact, I should be really determine on the path I’m taking.

People embarking on different paths each and every day. We might know which path will lead us to the ultimate destination, but one thing to be reminded is, you should know what you really want!

Crappy day!

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Tracheal Intubation

Sounds kinda cool and when you practised it, it did look professional!

But in fact, when I see my fellow teammates trying to locate the vocal fold by pushing the tongue with the laryngoscope for so hard, how would this be felt on the real patient?

Oh ya, forgot to spill some info on myself. hehe… I’m a medical student in my 2nd year! well, clinical skill starts on 2nd year and I felt its really a good things for us!

Back to tracheal intubation, its should be really pain when such a heavy and hard object putting into your mouth, not to say that it will follow by a tube being inserted to your trachea!

Sickness is really a suffering especially when you have to go through a series of pain. When I look at my teammate practising this skill, what struck in my mind is will I be able to perform well in a real situation, in an EMERGENCY situation? There can be no repetitive try and error to be commit in real situation because you will cause more suffering to the patient. To be able to perform and to be able to think well as in you think one step ahead and think for the sake of the patient, are what it takes to be a good doctor. Your “heart” for the patient is accounted when you want to be a good doctor.

Lesson for today, do it correctly and do it with care! Minimised mistake and think for the patient!

Put yourself in others shoes!

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Kick Start

Well, well, well, I always think of writting a blog, and then I did, and then I did left it there for such a long time and never tidy up the post. haha! After “neglecting” 2 or 3 blogs, I guess… I felt that I should write and record the pieces of thoughts only when my 3rd year kick in.

Writting a blog can be a pleasure, can be pain in ass as well, because you try to express your feelings and at the same time you try to make your blog look interesting to impress others, while you’re struggling to make it look impressive, there you lost your originality! haha!

So kick start for me right now, I guess I should be able to keep this blog updated! A kick start, why not?


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