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Lazy wormy

Thank God they have forget your password feature at WordPress! Or else I would have to open up another account as I forgot my username =_=  I’m practically having more and more lazy worms in my body. Perhaps I have the conducive incubator for them. Kekeke! Since when was the last I updated my own blog.

2 weeks of clinical attachments was over. Well, it was basically surgery, medicine, pathology and radiology lessons. Medicine being the best and surgery being the second best ^^ Process of taking history from the patients can be as easy as you would think of in your mind yet it can be tricky when you come face to face with the real patient. I used to think I have the courage and what it takes to communicate well with them. It turns out to be..hhmmm..not really? Patient suffered from esophageal carcinoma, patient with tracheal intubation going through tough time, how would you post a question to them without causing harm to them emotionally. This is what I meant by tricky.

Apart from the patient, I learnt by observing the attitude of medical students around the ward- in other words, medical ethic. “When you can fake sincerity, you can pretty much fake everything” quotes from House MD. I will have to agree with that. I see students who is eager to learn but neglect the patients feeling. I see students who is eager to present themselve, eager to prove to the doctors that they are brilliant in every different way. I see students who ask only for the sake of asking. Human can be ironical. With all these behaviors that I observed, it reminded me of why I pick up medicine. Not for the sake of being professional, not for the sake of the superiority that I will have, its for the sake of saving people.

I do believe every human being is pure initially. Its time, place, people that have change their prospsectives. Life is about standing up for your own principles, your own beliefs instead of trying hard to be other one. On the process of pursuing others belief, you lost yourself halway.

I’ve come so far and I’m continuing my journey with a new perspective. Never forget why you pick up medicine 🙂


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