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One Special Friday

After staying at home for almost a week, I decided to go out to get some fresh air!  Not to forget, today is the birthday of The God Of Mercy! So, I went to the temple around town. Just when I was stepping to the ground of the temple, WOW!!! Not even a space for me to squeeze in (may be a little bit of exaggerating)! People were holding joysticks, one lady was distributing money in a form of red packet to the beggars. While she was doing, one guy, probably her relative/son/assistant keep on snapping pictures of her distributing those red packets. 

Thoughts: Help never come without string attached. Taking pictures of you doing a good deed?

I continued to squeeze my way through the crowds. Finally, I managed to get inside the temple. I knelt in front of The God Of Mercy and make my prayers. Well, there was then this aunty, walking to and flo in front of me. I understand the fact that she had to do so since it was really crowded. Half way through my prayers, I earned an ELBOW from her!

She hit my left eye with her ELBOW! Supposingly, I should be angry and stare at her yet I didn’t (which was strange, perhaps EQ is increasing 😛 ). I was glad that my spec didn’t broke. Maybe that would hit my threshold to just GRRRRRRR back at her. Despite all these battle my way through the crowd and the elbow incident, I’m happy that I can finish my prayers 😀

Right after the prayers, I went to one of my favourite place, Tzu Chi Cafe. I decided to go as to get some different environment for my revision after so many days at home. It was really a nice place because the environment is quiet and nobody talk loud like how it used to be when I was at Starbuck/Coffee Bean.


Every day at 1:30pm, the volunteers in the cafe will have a simple prayers as well. After the prayers, one of the volunteer would share a story. This is the main point of my Special Friday. The story that was shared today:

There was this father who was very angry at his daughter because whatever advices that he gave her, she would ignore it. No matter how hard the father try to stop his daughter from doing something, the daughter will sure do it anyway. So, he felt very upset as he might fail on guiding his child to the correct pathway. Fearing of this, he came to a counsellor, hoping to get some advice. After hearing his explanation of the situation, the counsellor shared a story instead of giving advice right away.

Counsellor: Days back, people use donkey as one of their transportation and loading of goods. As we know, donkeys are quite stubborn animal. Whenever they slow down, when the owner beat them very hard or push them, they won’t move at all, not even a step! At once, there was a man who never face such problem before. His donkey do whatever his master command him. People felt strange and ask him, how he train his donkey that he never had to face difficulty in commanding the donkey. So he told that whenever the donkey slow down or start to disobey the commands, he would grab some dirts on the ground and put it into the donkey’s mouth. 

Until this part, the father was puzzled and ask why did the man do so? So the counsellor explained, ” When a child is angry, we try so hard, even scold them for the mistake they done. We were so harsh on them at the place because we fear that if we don’t do so, they will did the mistake again. What the man do to the donkey is to divert the donkey’s attention. By putting dirt into its mouth, he is actually diverting the donkey’s attention from being stubborn. The same goes with parenting. It is pointless to be harsh at first place when both of the parents and child were angry. What we can do is give a task for the children to do at that point as this will divert their attention from angry. When angry emotion ceases, thats when we start to give advice and explain their mistake to them. ” 

The reason why people start to hate each other even more after an arguments is because we don’t realised the fact that during the arguments, we were too blinded by angriness, dissatisfaction, cannot-afford-to-lose-emotion. In the end, all the vulgar words which are hurtful will come out and hatred develop. Its already hard to dissolve angriness, what more hatreds?

Calm ourselves down when we know arguments are about to begin. Have a nice talk after the negative feeling subside.

That’s all for today 😀


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I came across this article from a blog. I decided to post it here. Hope you get the essence from the article.

Who’s guilty?
by John Fischer

Jesus once set a guilty woman free from her accusers by showing that the people who were judging her were just as guilty of sin as she was. “All right, stone her,” he said to the religious leaders who were ready with stones in hand to deliver the judgment she indeed deserved. “But let those who have never sinned throw the first stones!” (John 8:7 NLT) This incident shows us something very important about our purpose as followers of Christ. Our job is not to throw judgment upon people but to identify with them. The Pharisees and religious leaders were trying to separate themselves from this sinful woman they had found in the act of committing adultery. By judging her, they were going to be able to feel much better about themselves. Jesus put a stop to their little charade by putting them in the same boat with the woman they were accusing. They were just as guilty.

It is so tempting to think that we are better than other people. We love soap operas and reality shows where everyone’s life is so despicable, we can feel better about our own lives. But whenever you start to separate yourself from sinners, you forget that it was your sin that brought you to Christ in the first place. I know this because I’m so good at it.

The Gospel comes best from people who identify with the sins of others, because they have become so familiar with their own sin. It is noted in the account that as the self-righteous leaders were convicted by the presence of sin in their own lives, “they slipped away one by one, beginning with the oldest.” (John 8:9 NLT) That makes sense. The oldest would be the ones most aware of their own sinfulness. There comes a time in your life when you can’t fool yourself anymore. There were probably a few young, arrogant idealists who hung on as long as possible, but even they had to finally give in to the truth about their own guilt and drop their stones.

The proliferation of both spoken and unspoken judgment found, sadly, within Christian communities has forced many into the world, unarmed and without a known Christian friend and mutual sinner. Christians are constantly trying to separate themselves from a world that Jesus wants them in. Jesus wants us to see our own sin and not make such a big fuss over everyone else’s. Our sin nature is our connection with everyone else who struggles in life, our salvation is our hope, and the Good News of the Gospel is our message.

Anyone can spot a mile away the hypocrisy of proclaiming a gospel about the forgiveness of everyone’s sins but your own.

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When you know someone is waiting for you, you forgot to appreciate it.

Now that you know the person is no longer waiting for you, you felt sad.

Isn’t it ironical for us? Haha.

Questions to be ponder:

(1) Are you enjoying the fact that you know someone is waiting for you? OR

(2) Are you just being ignorance about the fact that you know someone is waiting for you? OR

(3) Are you being selfish that when you got to know the person no longer waiting for you and it trigger your sadness?

Such a messy thought!

One thing to be sure is, this feeling will soon be over. The earth won’t stop spinning for you. You have to move forward

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Letter To Best Buddy-JL

To my best buddy, JL

P.S. Read it through and don’t cry too much, I don’t want to be blame on causing a pretty girl to have swollen eyes 😀

        We are so busy for our things, but one thing that I still keep on track is how are you. I may seem to be quiet, but I still keep both eyes looking out for you! Gotcha!

        Its sad to know that you were still stuck in the situation. Since the day we have our girls’ talk at BP with YC, I know this problem will keep on troubling you until the day you finally wake up. I was so worried that you will have the similar symptoms that I was once in when I read the expression from your face. Because for a good girl like you, it is very heart-wrenching for me to know that you will have to go through the similar bad situation. Many things that I want to tell you directly, but I choose to share a story with you.

        There is this kid, he is the only child. Considering that he was the only child, his parents always taken great care of him, I mean really GREAT care. Constantly making sure that he won’t expose to any dangers that would hurt him. Constantly making sure that he won’t make any mistake that would hurt himself.  There was a door in their home that were made of glass. This little kid will always go near and try to knock it. His parents were so worried and always warn him not to go near it, not to touch the wall as it will cut him. As you know human being always being ironical, when you are being forbid or prevented from doing one thing, the more you will feel like doing that particular thing. So, one day this kid was curious enough of what is it being meant by the hurt. He went to the room where the glass door were fixed. He slammed the glass door. Well, the glass door didn’t break and so he try it again. Suddenly with the last slamming, the glass door broke, pieces and pieces of glass flew across the room and one of it cut through the kid’s hands. He was so shocked to see blood oozing out from his hands. It felt likes thousand of knives cutting through his hands. For the first time, he realised what does it meant by his parents- the glass will hurt you

        JL, there are many people telling us not to do mistake or fall into the situation like  how you are in now. However, we will still go for it. Haha, why? Because not until the moment we hit ourselve or fall down really hard, get wounded all over the place, that we won’t realised what is meant by those people just like the kid. No matter how hard the parents trying to keep him away from the mistake, he eventually did it as well.

        JL, I want you to know that its all right that to be landed on where you are now. The moment I know you still stuck in that situation despite what I’ve already advised when we met up, I know deep down inside, you still not yet arrive to the fact that you can admit this person already affecting you. There’s one old saying, “Time is the great healer”, its not a kolot saying, haha, it’s true. Let time do its part. Its very hard to admit and accept the things right now for you, but don’t rush into it. I know you understand what I’m trying to tell you all the time, you know its what you suppose to do and the right thing to do, but you just not yet to gather enough courage. Its all right to be like that. I told you all the things that I’ve been through, my main intention is to let you know that, bad things will gone as time pass by, feelings no matter how strong will be overcome by our determination in times. Everybody will have to go through, its part of our life.

        Don’t rush, take your time (of course, not whole life lar :p). Step by step, I believe my best buddy will go through it. I want you to know that, I am always here, we are always here for you. There’s nothing in this world called “alone”. There’s nothing to be said that you can hardly find a person. Believe in faith, belive in what you always hold on to. I don’t expect you to act on our advise immediately. Important thing is I want you to act from the bottom of your heart because this is what can bring you far enough in future.

        JL, our supports to you always, never afraid of being at the low phase. Life is like a sea-saw, when you are deep down now, the next second, is where you will be at the higher phase 😀

        JIA YOU!

Your Best Buddy


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A Good Doctor

There was this simple story that I heard from a volunteer while I was buzzing with my books at Tzu Chi’s Library.

A very experienced doctor and a young doctor set up a clinic together. Everyday, the clinic was filled with patients seeking for doctors’ advices. So, both of the doctors were trying to figure a better way on dealing with this increase amount of patients. As more patients are coming, this would imply that the patients would have to wait for their turns. In order to reduce the waiting time, the experienced doctor suggest that those complicated cases shall be taken over by  him while the minor clinical cases will be taken over by the young doctor.

So, this idea works! Patients don’t have to wait for such a long time to seek for advices. The experienced doctor would establish his diagnosis and prescribe the exact medication. However, sooner the experienced doctor realised that he is receiving lesser and lesser cases. Had he managed to solve almost all of the complicated cases and was so good at it? Later on, he found out that the young doctor is getting more and more patients. With his mind full of doubts, he went over and observed the young doctor. He even get some feedback from the patients who went for the young doctor.

To his surprise, the reason behind it was the young doctor not only treat with passion but care as well. The young doctor always take some time to communicate with the patient instead of just looking out for symptoms and establish the diagnosis, prescribing the medication, send the patient home (this is what the experienced doctor did). Its because of the care and rapport between the young doctor and the patient that lead to the increase amount of patients looking for young doctor.

I believe many of us have the experience on seeking doctors advice when we are sick. Some doctor look for symptoms and merely explain the condition to the patient. In the end, the patient left the clinic without knowing what is happen but only to remember to take the medication. Is this what it takes to be a good doctor?

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A Piece of Cake

Another simple story of the day 😀 A Piece Of Cake

We use to hear this phrase every now and then, haha, its not that piece of cake we are talking about, today, I will be sharing another story about the real cake. Well I should save the craps 😛

There is this girl, in her early twenties. In just a week time, many obstacles were standing on her way. She was being dumped by her boyfriend in the early week. Later on she was being left out in a college project. Negative feedbacks keep on flowing to her side. She was so sad. She went home on the weekend, hoping to count on her mother’s shoulders. When she saw her mum, tears just won’t stop rolling down her cheeks. She cried her heart out and asking her mother why bad things keep on happen on her? Why she had to face these sad events? Why God must lay the sadness in her life?

Her mother always has the answer and the exact right way to comfort her. She offered a slice of cake to her daughter that she baked on that day. Heart still flooded with sadness, the daughter attempted a smile and said, ” Sure mum, you know I always like to eat cake.”

Mother: Would you like to drink some cooking oil?

Daughter: Mum! Of course not!

Mother: How about some having some raw eggs?

Daughter: No Mum! That would give me stomach ache!

Mother: Ok, how about eating some flour then?

Daughter: Mum, don’t joke around, that would be bad for health!

Finally, the mother stop offering weird ingredients to her daughter. She smile and pat her daughter’s shoulder.

Mother: Honey, do you know what it takes to make a cake? Cooking oil, flour, raw eggs, these may seem to be bad when we are looking or taking them individually. But do you know when we put these things together, it gives you a piece of delicious cake? No doubt, all the breakup things, sad things is heartwrenching when keep on coming to our ways, but do have faith for God. For God who lay these individual events to us, we have to believe that God will lead us out of it. The importance is to see the outcome even though the process of handling the events might be tough.

When we are having obstacles in life, no doubt its really tough! However, after all these combination, we will have a happy outcome eventually 😀 It depends on how you take everything. When you handle it with a positive attitude, you will definitely have a outcome that is satisfying because you know you put your very best 😀

Look forward and work hard people 😀

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Today, I came across a mail which had stayed in my inbox for so long. Probably I should felt ashamed towards the person who sent it to me as I never really go through it.

There is this one girl at her aged of 23,let her to be known as Clement. She was busy with her new working life right after her graduation. One day, Clement’s mother called her, asking her daughter to buy a loaf of freshly baked lavender bread from Tim’s Bakery (a bakery shop which has earn many praises from nearly all the customers) after work. To Clement’s annoyance and impatience, she questioned her mother on why such a insist in needing her to buy the bread as she has gathering with her friends later on. Clement’s mother has a picnic activity with her old friends tomorrow. That lavender bread is what she always wanted her friends to taste of. After few moments of frustration, Clement had to agree on her mother’s request as she sense a little bit of anger in her mother’s voice.

After work, Clement walked to the bakery, full of grudges. When she saw the long queue, she was even on fire. Why on earth would her mother want her to buy these breads just for her picnic activity. How old is she and still going out for picnic? All the complaints and nagging filled Clement’s mind while she was waiting.  She started to stamp her foot on the ground as the clock was ticking so fast and she will be having gathering in no time. Wondering whether her friends would wait her impatiently, this made her getting even more frustrated.

Finally, Tim, the shopowner pushing out a tray of freshly baked lavender bread. There were smiles in everyone face. Out of the blue, there was a lady which came from behind, patting her shoulder.

Lady: Hello girl.

Clement: Anything (in a very impatience tone)

Lady: I was wondering if we can make a deal here? See, I was queueing just behind you and I have to wait for another tray in order to purchase the lavender bread. I was wondering if you can let me go in front you because this bread is for my little kid who is going for camping tomorrow. I have to be prepare dinner for him later on and send him to tuition. If you’re not in rush, would you mind……..? Oh, by the way, to whom the bread you are buying?

Clement: It is for my mum, she has a picnic tomorrow.

Right after Clement’s answered the lady’s question, the bakery was filled with a sudden rush of quietness. And everyone who was in queue, started to turn around and gaze on Clement. There was another lady asking her the same question again in a slightly high tone. Just when Clement was about to answer her question, Tim smiled and turned to Clement and said, “Wow, for all the bread I sold today, you are the first one who is buying for your mum”

Clement was surprised and turn around to observe the people in the bakery. The customers were almost ladies, ranging from young mother to middle-aged women.  They were all carrying baskets and few bags waiting to buy the bread as well. To her surprise, she asked, “I was buying for my mum, how about you?”

“Of course is for my little king and queen at home!” said the lady. Everybody smile right after the lady’s response.

Sussequently, the first lady from behind said, ” I’m sorry as I don’t it was for your mum. This bakery always fill with a lot of people and I never thought that a young teenager like you would be willing to wait for so long just to buy for your mum. If its not for my little kid’s request, I wouldn’t have come to queue for so long. This is his first camping and the bread is his favourite. So, I don’t want to let him down. Everybody has their outdoor activity dated back, and I still remember how I crave for the titbits when I go for camping.”

Clement: Such a long memory, you still can recalled what titbit you want?

Lady: (smile) I mean who will forget their first camping? Even now I still wanted to have some time off for camping or outdoor activites. Because of the little ones, I’m afraid I have to wait until they have grown up then only I will have the time for these 🙂

Clement was swarmed with guilt and heartache when she heard the lady’s replied. It was not the picnic that her mother long for, it was a plan that have been kept for so long in her mother’s heart that eventually can be realized after she had grown up.

Every mother always try their best into giving and nurturing their chidlren. Hoping that their little ones will always shower with love. No matter how tough the process in providing these to their children, amazingly, they never complain, not even once.

It’s because of our existence that work as a powerful motivation and confidence for them. It makes me felt bad sometime when we are worrying for our friends to wait for us than to be taking some time off to fullfill the request of our mother. Isn’t it a selfish act? 

When we were small, every of our request will be fullfill and please by our mother 😀 When we grown up, will we able to please them like how they please us before?

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