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Another Friday

Time flies! It amazed me so much that it’s another friday again! I wonder if the earth speed up its pace!

For what incidents that took place on last friday, now it’s already another new week. Can you still remember what emotion that you’re going through dated back on last Friday? No matter how angry, sad, happy you are, time is making its pace quietly all the while. To sat down and think it clearly, time is such a great healer most of the time.

There’s a rush in me which reminded me of I still need to work my way out because I’m quarter miles away from being able to deal things silently and in a rational ways.

I had to admit I am quite a loser for the past few days. I did tried to hide from this fact. However, to be able to move on and handle things well, I will have to admit my own fault. This is very much true after all these years of learning.

To sum up my own thoughts for these days:  If for the sake of an irrational reason that I undo my decision, that would imply I’m heading back on the old path. If the answer is already presented in front of me, I shall carry on because what must done have already been done. There will be no regrets when looking back time.

Thank You!


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This holiday had proved so much that how lazy I was. Considering the fact that most of the people would love to blog when they have much free time. Well, the more the free time I have, the lazier I am! Since when was my last post?

Today, there were something that was quite troubling in my mind. I wouldn’t want to admit such things that will affect me(okay, I have ego too!), but it did! Due to my own principles, I choose not to talk such things in public. Of course there are some drawbacks when I don’t confess it, I got cranky. If it was the me in long time ago, maybe I will crap it out without thinking twice. Given the fact that I’m getting old year by year(very reluctant to accept that), I must think twice before acting.

There were times I used to think I am very cruel in making that decision. Yes, I am. I do have that kind of guilty feeling. Despite the fact that the decision is correct as told by rationality, I will still save a little space to allow the “you-are-cruel” thoughts in my head. Sometimes, too much emotion that you have is a weakness because we are not good in controlling it after all. Once an emotion is being let out, you can’t switch it off easily like a power switch.

That decision had to be made because it is for the sake of mental health. Burdens will dissolve away; sadness will have their roots weakened and unable to crawl around. It may sound exaggerating, but it is true. Not until the day you experience it, you won’t understand. It is quite paradoxical. Haha! Life is like that. We learn to avoid every mistake, can we but at all? Its like what I’ve mentioned earlier, until you experience it, you won’t understand. By having the mistake, by knocking yourself down and wounded, you won’t realised the fact that why people keep on telling that’s not the right things to do.

Until today, I think its ok for me to let go of the guilty thought. I have done my very best, at least I did!  The truth has always presents itself to me. It is me who choose to bear the guilty feelings. I believe in faith. I believe in God. I know God will lead the way. Thank You!

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There are many remarkable things in this world which are worth to be noticed of. People tends to argue over small things. Even though it’s the things that will not affect any part of their life, still they are willing to argue until the day they are proven the “winner”. I used to be one of them. Haha. This is why I can understand that kind of urge and desire to win. Sooner, I realised its such a waste of time because there are many things in this world to be taken care of than arguing over small things. Today I heard 2 things that are remarkable 😀

1. My parents just came back from their Chiang Rai trip. They went to Karen Village which the Karens live in. Karen women are recognized by one of their cultures- wear ornaments known as neck rings, brass coils that are placed around the neck. When they see my parents, the children (even the little girls with those heavy neck ring!) rushed towards them with flowers in their hands. “Ha Baht! Ha Baht!” (5 Baht! 5 Baht). They grab anything that they could give as present and handed it to my parents, asking for 5 Thai Baht. In the end, my parents brought them to a small stall as suggested by the tour guide. Each of them were given with  a bottle of drinks. Smiles filling the atmosphere when they received the drinks. They were happy! My mum told me she spent only RM 6 for more than 10 of them. It is just RM 6 that the children feeling contented. Imagine the children in our society nowadays, Gameboy, Play Station 3,  WII, nutritious foods etc are still complaining about how insufficient is their life. Look at these Karen children, isn’t is pathetic to think that life is insufficient despite the fact that we own many things that these Karen children may never own in their life? They may never had the chance to obtain proper education. This is really sad. They need to wear the heavy neck rings and lead a life which depend on tourists to earn their living. One fact to share is the their neck is not long even after wearing those neck rings. It’s because the heavy neck rings depress on the collar-bone that cause the neck to appear longer.

2. I read one article on newspaper today regarding the noble prize winner-Dr. Barry J.Marshall. He and his partner, Dr. Warren, managed to discover Helicobacter pylori and its role in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. On his journey to discover this bacterium, he drank a petri dish with the bacterium. This is remarkable! How many people are able to do this for the sake of research? “Everyone was against me, but I know that I am right” quoted from Dr. Marshall. Dr. Marshall hard work and efforts for his career is a passion that worth to be learned by all of us.

These are the remarkable things that I wanted to share for the day. Lead a meaningful life instead of argue over small things. There are many things in this world to be taken care of as I mentioned earlier. So why are you still angry over small things? Appreciate life!

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No uterus, No talking

I came across this article which was posted by a blogger. A fire was set up when I finished the whole article.

THE Consumer’s Association of Penang (CAP) has repeatedly objected to the proposal to vaccinate all 13-year-old girls from the human papillomavirus (HPV) virus, a sexually transmitted virus because it is unnecessary, unscientific and unsafe.

Despite numerous objections by many quarters, a sum of RM150mil is to be spent annually by the Government beginning this year on HPV vaccinations for an estimated 300,000 girls in the country as protection from only two of the 40 different cervical cancers causing HPV.

HPV is contracted through sexual contact; instead of inoculating our young against a sexually transmitted disease (STD), the Government should focus on prevention by educating them on religious and moral values.

As recipients of a vaccine against STD, ill-informed young girls could be lulled into a false sense of security that the HPV vaccine would protect them against other sexually transmitted diseases.

The risk of cervical cancers itself has been blown out of proportion. It is a known fact that about 90% of all HPV infections are removed by the immune system within two years. This in itself makes the vaccine irrelevant and redundant.

The vaccine itself is highly controversial with an unusually high incidence of adverse reactions and 53 reported deaths in the US alone. This completely unnecessary and dangerous vaccine’s safety and efficacy have never been established in Malaysia.

We urge the Health Ministry to revoke its ill-conceived plan to subject our children to the vaccine. The rakyat would be better off if the money were used to educate our children against early sexual activity as a deterrent to HPV infection (Yea right, with all the baby dumping going on and lack of sex-ed, GOOD LUCK!). With this allocation, campaigns for HPV testing and pap smears as proven early detection procedures can be re-invented and enhanced instead of resorting to the simplistic solution of vaccines.

Since these vaccines only cover some high-risk types of HPV, experts still recommend regular pap smear screening even after vaccination. This only goes to show that screening remains relevant and is undeniably a better method of prevention than vaccination.


President, CAP.

Did he ever realised that his mum is a woman as well? Vaccination is not as good as screening? Did he ever know what is vaccination? Did he ever understand what is HPV/ the consequences of HPV? No uterus, No talking!

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