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Community Medicine Posting

It’s been so long that I never update my own blog! Wow, I’ve been such a lazy person nowadays. I can’t even remember since when is the last time I touch my reference books! Aha! Can I blame community medicine posting for giving me no time to view it? *Grinning*

I never really brag much about how tired it is the posting, or at least I tried not to.  Because I believe if this is something that you like, you should enjoy the process of doing it. If I were to grumble how tired it was, I probably won’t enjoy my job in future.

During the community medicine posting, we have to carry out a survey in a village. It was the first time we attempted to design questionnaires. And mind you, we have to improvise it again and again in order to get the questionnaires fit  into a limited quota as we have 13 groups of people. Before going to the village, many feedback regarding the village which is of course not nice to hear of. The sanitation is definitely in poor condition; the odour from the village will definitely “freshen” you up! That’s why I was so glad when the homestay programmed is being cancelled. At least we don’t have to crack our head staying in the village with no proper sanitation.

The very first day when I cast my foot in the village, I was not surprised at all! It was exactly how the seniors described. There were dead mouse in the street; the river is not a river at all; the rubbish were floating in the muddy rivers! Not to mention the odour from those rubbish. I felt nausea which I can’t voice it out on the spot.

Interviewing the villagers is quite a new experience. Now we are able to understand those authorities from government who carried out “banci survey”. How is it to get ignored by those villagers and we had to stand there under the hot scorching sun!

Seeing the villagers, I can’t help but to think that how on earth they could lead their life in this way? I had to thank God for what He granted me a secure and healthy life. I really appreciate what I have and this feeling is especially stronger when I saw these villagers.

There was this one house, where the little boy climbing and crawling around in the house without pants on. He spat at my group members and even throw his pants on them! I can’t cast a blame on him because the kid is exactly portraying what his parents had taught him. The little boy’s siblings were in the house and their parents were not at home. It make me felt quite frustrated. I can’t really describe my feeling. I had to thank Dr.A for telling us a new way on looking at things. Without proper bring up by the parents, the children will not be in the right path on being decent people.

It makes me ponder, how would they turn out in future? There was another little girl who stay alone at house with her grandfather. That kind of worries for her arise from my heart. With all cases of little girl being abused physically and sexually, that’s how I got those worries. When she smile innocently to me, I can’t help but to feel empathy.

A quote from a fellow blogger,”What is the meaning of life? To suffer and learn?” I had to agree to some extent. Is this the way God train us to be a stronger person? To suffer in order to learn? It shatter my heart to think that what a child will turn out to be without receiving proper education. Children are innocent people and they should obtain proper education. There is time when I felt I can’t do anything to help people.

For what I can do now is work hard and to do my very best in my job so I will be able to help as much as possible.

May God Bless us always and always!


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Random day

It’s monday and it’s one o’clock in the afternoon. I’m sitting in the computer lab doing exactly “nothing” which I am still be able to say it out proudly right now. Many thoughts ran in my mind ever since Friday, or perhaps Saturday? Need a place to summarise it up. Here it goes:

1) I wonder my mum will be feeling bored at home without me? The day when I need to drag myself back to sp, thousand and thousand of reluctance crawl all over me. I wish I could just have one week of holiday to spend at home until she can resume her daily routine.

2) Is my stamina going down the hill? Opening the reference book, I can barely read few pages and my vision field already went smaller! Books are such a good hynoptic! I need to get my engine to work before starting my posting. I certainly would feel bad bringing an empty mind to the hospital.

3) I need to get my reference books done by today! At least I should buy those surgery and pediatric books. Can you tell me the author for the OBGY book that you recommend me ah bro!

There is actually another piece of thoughts left to be mentioned here.  (A short pause as I was distracted by A PERSON ) This last piece of thought is hard to be put into words.  Perhaps I have yet to arrange it or should I say I fail to do so.  But one thing that I realised is, I will never place myself into such situation again for the sake of my own self.  I should be able to control it.  Time is always good in doing its magical work 🙂

Thank You 🙂

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Turning Point

Stepping into the 3rd year of medical school, I am glad that it’s a step closer to achieve my dreams. But at the same time it would mean most of the time will be spending on books as the schedule is really pack and with hospital posting coming in, it’s very hectic. It’s quite funny to think that, if I consider this as hectic life, what would it be when stepping into the years of housemanship? I think it’s true to say that if you don’t prepare to sacrifice especially in the field of physician, you won’t enjoy helping people out there.

Everyone has their turning point in their life. I had mine 3 years back. Starting 3rd year would be a new chapter. Many things happened during my holiday. My mum had her turning point recently. This turning point took a great deal of tears and efforts to be done. Having caught in the midst of worries and starting new term in my uni, I had admit that I’m still way behind to be able to be emotionally detached. Yes, I cried after so long. I choose to mask away my worries in front of everybody because it would just cause burden to them. This would be selfish especially as a friend and relative to them. Of course when you choose to hide, your thinking will go haywire that I lock myself out of my room in the end. It took me 3 hours to get back into my room *smile*

Thank God that the surgery went smooth. After this incident, it make me realise how fragile our life could be. It is by appreciating everyday that we have, we could lead a meaningful life without regrets.

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