Fairy Tale Wedding

Yes, Yes, I am referring to The Royal Wedding which had taken place recently, well in fact, it was yesterday! To people like us, it was truly a fairy-tale came true incidents. It is exactly what we always heard from the story book that we have read since small, “they live happily ever after”.

I believe the question of “Will this royal couple live happily ever after?” certainly pop out in our brain. It’s true that everyone was once terrified by the tragic death of Princess Diana which consequently invite a lots of questions regarding how the royal family would accept girls who are not born to be a princess to be part of their family members. It might sound cynical and absurd as to how we claimed ourselves to be civilised and living in this modern world, agree to recognise the importance of status.

I personally felt it would be much luckier and different for Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge. I sincerely believe both the Royal Couple will be able to create a happy ending to their fairy-tales. Looking back at time, 1981, where Princess Diana once married to Prince Charles. She had a different fate, different pathway, the more difficult and cumbersome one. During that time, the Royal Family was not as open-minded as what they were now to accept a girl-next-door to be part of their family. Hence, life was not a bed of roses for Princess Diana. There was once I heard a quote which sounded like this, “the people who has always smile the most in front of others, in fact are the saddest one from within”. Perhaps this would be the most accurate quote to describe my feeling towards Princess Diana.

As sang by Elton John in one of his songs, Candle In The Wind,
“And it seems to me you lived your life,
Like a candle in the wind,
Never knowing who to cling to,
When the rain set in”
I think it truly portray the feelings of the admirers of Princess Diana after her tragic death in 1997.

Followed the death of Princess Diana, millions of the heart of the admirers of Princess Diana were shattered. Her death invites the thoughts of “mistreated Princess by the Royal Family” into their heart. It is because the great charisma of Princess Diana which impart an excellent and touching impression on people, that we begin to feel that non-existence of fairy-tale between the royals and non-royals. As a result, people started to losing their faith on the monarchy system of United Kingdom.

The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate hence somehow play an important role to reunite and rebuild the faith of the people of United Kingdom to the monarchy system which had been practise way back then. With the acceptance of the Royal Family to their new member who is not born as princess, this mark the second opportunity for the Royal Family to prove their open-mindedness which were once tested.

Thus, it made me believe that Kate is definitely in a far-off-better position compared to Princess Diana. With other elements around, I am sure both the Royal Couple will be able to held their hands together and stay happily ever after.

Have faith with fairy-tales cause who know you might be next one 😀

Best wishes for the Royal Couples 😀


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