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Life Is Like A Roller-Coaster

Life is like a roller-coaster and I’m not talking about the song by Ronan Keating 😀 Sitting in the roller-coaster, climbing high up in the air, the moment you feel you are on top of the world, that’s when a sudden sliding take place, bringing you to the bottom part. There might be a lot of high up and deep down experiences when you take the ride. Well, isn’t it truly portraying our every-day life? The moment you decide to take the ride, you will have to take up the consequences on bearing the experiences. In fact, everyone in this world will have to go through this ride despite how reluctant you are to it. Some people are too keen to maintain the high-up position that they lose themselves once the ride plunge down; While some people wanted to sit on the down-side and refuse to climb up. To survive in this ride, you will have to take a balance.

I had quite some transitions for the past weeks. I realised sometime our own best intention could be the other way round for other people. No matter how much you try to explain this best intention, in others’ comprehension, it would meant the worse intention. Once speculation had been made, it’s quite hard to change how other view you. I thought after so many years of training, I would be able to handle it well. I had to say, I let myself down.

Sometime I would like to think that God is setting up a lot of challenges for me to take. If I get stronger and wiser, I will be able to survive no matter what obstacles which are ahead of me. It ain’t sweet for every challenge that hit me yet I am not afraid to take it up.

This week had been quite a lesson to me. I took the ride to the lowest point. The truth is, after this lowest point, there won’t be any lowest point for me anymore 😀 It’s hard to hope for people to change the way they think about you. If that’s what they meant to be, let it be. I believe in time.


Thank You!



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