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I have millions of thoughts in my mind to be ranted out. Strangely, here I am, same as before, facing the keyboards and I just could not make the thoughts into sentences. Well, this time I promise myself, I should try my very best to lay out the thoughts properly into words.

The truth is, people are all ugly. Forgive me if this does not suits your eyes or ears. When people got older and older as time passes by, eventually, they will learn more about themselves. Its ironic, isn’t it? We assume we know ourselves better than any others out there, but the fact suggest the opposites. I used to think that there are no ugly people in this world. And as for this moment, I have to turn against my own beliefs.

There is this one saying in the chinese proverbs, “the longer time that you used to spend with a person, the more you will learn about him/her”.  I had to agree with this proverb. I don’t know whether you came to realise about this cycle- On the initial stage of be-friending a person, even a slight point which you found similar to yourself, be it of just some slight similarity such as having the same opinion in some issues, having the same flavours for ice-cream, even having the one of the same colour of undergarments, you will find this person is so amazing! Believe it or not, this is true! As time goes by, when this honeymoon period is over, you started to pick over some attitude you saw at this person. It can even be the attitude that you like in the beginning of the be-friending cycle. Strange, isn’t it? Towards the end, you might realise, this is totally not the kind of person that you want to know of.

Hypothesis put forward by me: Your own assumptions is clouding your judgements.
Explanation for the hypothesis: At the beginning of the cycle, when you realised one small spark that you like about a person, you set up an assumption for your mind-this person is quite nice. With this assumption, your mind lead your eyes to look for the things that you like in this particular person. Naturally, you will feel more sparks with this person. Because of this initial assumptions, you are more cling towards be-friending him/her. As time goes by, of course, this chemical reaction or should I say positive reinforcement which your assumption imparts on your mind ceased off. This is the point where you started to see the negative attitudes you fail to identify from the beginning. As more of the negative attitudes are being discovered, you started to realise that this is not the person that you would want to befriended with. The truth is, these “late-discovery” of the bad attitudes were there at the very beginning! Can you see how infectious it is your assumption?

People are all ugly. There are no perfect person in this world. When conflict arises, people tend to protect themselves and this is when their true-self is being showed. This true-self is there all the time. It is just that without some triggering factors, it remained in hibernation mode.

From my point of view, there are a few classification of ugly people, and of course I’m referring to their inner self. Firstly, people who are ugly and fail to recognise themselves as one; Secondly, people who are ugly and know that they are ugly themselves and felt its alright to be like that; Thirdly, people who are ugly and instead of acknowledge themselves as one of them, they try to ignore it and accusing others for being ugly. With this 3 categories being lay down, which of it that you felt is the severe one? If you were to ask me, I will tell you that being an ignorance, an idiot, and a hypocrite are actually of no difference, they are all being ugly.

When self-conflicts arises, this is a good time for you to learn about the true-self of a person.

Instead being a commentator, I choose to be an observer. I came to realise, silence is gold. When I look back, I appreciate how far I’ve come along and I never regret coming to the place where I am right now.

The world and people might upset you but never let this affect you and turning yourself into one of them.

I never want to work hard to show who I am to others, I rather let the time to do its work.



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