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I dislike the way I had to start my post with a long and dragging sentence of how it’s been ages I never update my blog. Well I guess I am still doing it despite it. I remembered how I wanted so much to update or add a new post right after every posting ended. Its been 3 minor posting and 1 partially major posting that I’ve been completed so far and I am doing nothing on my blog! And the fact which make this post even hilarious is I am going to vent out all my rants!

It’s the end of community medicine posting! I am so glad that times move so fast, it is as if the earth spins twice its speed compare to the usual one. I’m sure majority of people will squeeze their face into as small as they could when they heard community medicine, this is how community medicine leave an impression on us. It’s indeed an important subject, but it’s not the subject that I loathe, it’s the people in the posting which make it worse for us!

I am going to say it’s quite a fortunate event for us to get the chance to a district which is located miles away from SP. We got to learn for the past 3 weeks in the district health office. However(here come the word “BUT”), it was quite irritating, or I rather said it is very irritating to have a lecturer who does not believe in every answer which were told by us. Well, a nickname was even came out especially for this particular lecturer, namely Social Irritant (SI)! I am very sorry to say this but when you got to know the irritant action by this lecturer, you will probably agree with us.

Reason 1: Those who sat beside SI will have to be a translator. It’s alright to translate for SI, it’s actually something which we are willing to help for a person who does not understand a foreign language. However, in return for the translation, SI will need the translator to ask tonnes of question! What make it worse is with the phrase, “You ask and see”. You might probably said, its not that bad, well just imagine the phrase times 3 for each and every question! As a result, I am at the verge of punching SI’s face when this phrase kept repeat in numerous time, urging me to ask something which I’ve been explaining to him/her clearly earlier.

Reason 2: SI would definitely like to throw a lot of question to us. Its part of the learning process no doubt with all these questions. However, for some questions which were asked for the sake how seeing how stupid we look truly destroy the true meaning of learning. Why? Because for every question which you answered (even though its correct!), you will get a smirk or a crooked smile (this is how stupid you are) in return. I guess there is no more hilarious than the fact that the answers which were given by us was correct and still being corrected in SI’s own way.

Reason 3: For a field trip, we are expecting interesting experiences. However, came to the part where questions which was asked and that were never trusted by SI, this certainly gave us some hair-plucking moment! “What is this?”, “This is a filtration site” , This whole process times 3! It was until one of my group mate stared to lose his/her patience!

So will you agree to us that SI is perhaps a good way of greeting?

On the other hand, during my presentation, I virtually raise my voice against another lecturer (as told by my group mates). I guess I left my manners behind when I went to school that particular day. Well, it was quite a frustrating moment when something which had been told is true become untrue for this particular lecturer and he/she only wants his/her own answer to be told.

I apologise if I sounded so rude but again, this is a rant! Haha!


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