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For One More Day

I guess as life goes one, it always manage to find one special way to teach us a lesson. As long as we are able to appreciate the lesson given, we will grow up to become a better person.

Recently, I’ve paid a visit to a good old gentleman in the hospital. He had an unfortunate diagnosis. Looking at him, it just brought back the old memories which was kept nicely in one tiny part of my hippocampus. The time where we shed some tears seeing a healthy person, from cheerful towards soul-less, from well-built towards emaciated. It’s not that easy to forget the bitter part of the incident despite the fact that we always say time is the great healer. Looking at this old gentleman, I can’t help but to feel the sadness when the little kids were bidding their goodbyes to him. They seemed to be bidding it in an innocent, care-free way. How on earth will they know whether that might be the last …….. It’s just too hard to even type it out.

This visit made me realised that not only the sick patient is going through a roller-coaster life, their living family no doubt are in the same situation. We always say to the patient, be positive, everything will be fine, have faith and believe in miracle! How many of us can really understand the deepest part of their sadness? How many of us can decipher it? I can’t help but to think, what is our role? Looking at the old gentleman, it made me felt that nobody on earth will understand what is it to feel like, to lie down on the bed in the hospital, facing groups of relatives and close one, not knowing when will be the last picture that your eyes feast on, not knowing when will be the last feeling that your sensory receptors are able to pick up, this can only be understood if you are the one lying there.

Appreciate what we have, we might not know when is the last second of life.

Prayers to the old gentleman. May God Bless You!

May God Bless Us Always!



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Something worth to read, worth to remind us all the time. 





To quote from Shakespeare: The miserable have no other medicine but only hope. I felt when you are sad; hope is like a soul-calming music. To be able to achieve our hope is something to be glad of, nonetheless, if our hope is build on the basis of betrayal upon others, we have to give and take, it takes a price for either of it to be given up. However, nobody is there to tell you on which decision to be made, except you.

There may be some hope which are irrelevant to you, you might not understand why certain people would sacrifice willingly, even if it mean by taking a toll on their lives, for hope which may not be fruitful. However, if you are willing to open up your heart and listen to them, you will learn that: For every hope, no matter how tiny or great it is, it is all respectable one.

No matter how much comfort, happiness or sadness your hope brings to you, we are all consider the happiest one to be able to hope and be in one of these hope, it is because we are still breathing every second. Who cares if there are thousand and thousand of hopes which might be turn down, we are still standing a chance for casting a new hope until the very second of our life 🙂 


Original quote by On Call 36 Hours

Translation by TM 

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