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Dedicated to my family and friends, thank you for your unconditional support during this period

I decided it would be the last day I shed the tears for this incident. Of all the hurtful events and memories which took place, its time for a rest. 

The wound is wide open, definitely breach the basement membrane, definitely will leave behind a scar, hopefully without any keloid. I wouldn’t say its does not hurt even if I move on, in fact, it hurts a lot. It will be a tough healing process, in between I might break down again. However, I know towards the end, everything will be alright, its leading to a better place. 

To me, there’s no hatred in love. I would rather choose to forgive than to live in hatred for the rest of my life. I was angry at the first place, thousands of emotion swirling around the heart when the truth was revealed. Rounds and rounds of tears falling down. And I told myself, it’s enough, its more than enough. To love a person, to care for a person, I pour all out without holding back. Today, its not being felt, what more can I do, but to say its more than enough, I’ve been crying for more than enough.

Faith and fate has taken a toll. I am really tired, indeed tired.

As of now onward, there will be no more tears but smile. Smile towards a better life 🙂 I’ve given the best that I could afford. I know in future when I look back at this moment, I would have no regrets but feeling grateful as this period is over and I’ve been a stronger person. 

I’ve always said, forgive is the best way to move on. Blessings is all I can give 

To the future you, thank you for waiting patiently.






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Hospital, the place of live and death. Every seconds there will be people pass out their last breath; there will be new born crying out for the first breath on their first day in this world.
In the ward, I am lucky enough to see miracle taking place. Mr Pang, was in critical condition, underwent numerous operation, intubated. The bad prognosis was told to his family members. At that point of time, they were told that, anytime he could just succumb to his illness. Nobody thought he could made it, really, I don’t even think he could.
Mr Pang’s family members, are really close knit and loving. Despite the bad prognosis, you could see them accompanied him every single day, with the positive mind and energy. May it was just a single movement by Mr Pang, it’s more than enough for them to be thankful for.
Love must have been the powerful potion of all, it must have touch the heart of God. Mr Pang, manage to get out from intubation, he manage to survive and progress well.
Looking at them everyday, it reminds me of live. Do not forget to live, do not forget to hope. For every seconds of living, it’s worthwhile for us to be thankful. Be tough, be strong, life is about living.
Miracle, do happen when you believe in it.

P.S. Dedicated to you, L, Thank you for the supports and blessings.

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