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Pot of Greenery


It’s been a tiring week with three night calls. Physically , as well as mentally tired. I don’t really like to have night calls because it could really drench you out, disturbs your biological clock, your emotions and strength. Thank God! It’s over, well, at least for now 🙂

A new hobby for me, gardening, or should I said planting a lot of plant. I don’t have much space to actually indulge in gardening, it’s just a corner of my apartment, that is all I have to keep the plants. I guess it’s really soothing, to feast your eyes on the green green plant 🙂 I’m quite a sentimental person, for every objects, every melody, will cast a twist in my thoughts.

The satisfactory thing you can obtain from gardening, no doubt will be seeing your plants growing healthily and blooming each and everyday, whereby it all started from a tiny leaf or a tiny seeds. Planting a plant, makes me realize, life sometime strike resemblance to the art of gardening. It all started from a seed perhaps, growing towards a sprout, with good condition it will grow into your desire plant; on the contrary, without a suitable condition, growth will halt and sooner or later, the plants will perish.

To be able to grow a new plant from the old pot that once you planted a plant which had shriveled off, is a new form of courage. Fear must not be that, fear of failing mustn’t be there. The old plant reminds you of your mistakes that you will carry it when you are planting the new one.

Life, is something unpredictable. You can get upset for a dying old plant, you can get frustrated and angry on why the plant shriveled up while you have putting in so much of efforts, but until the end, you must be tough, be brave, to continue growing new plant in the same old pot. Seeds may be different, but you are still the same old person who has the passion to move on with life.

It’s a tiring day. I better head off to rest.

Have a great day my friend 🙂

A white lie will remain as it is, while a true lie, will eventually prove itself wrong without anyone trying to


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Where is the stars


Sometime, I wonder is there a same person, gazing upon the same sky that we all share at this moment of time, feeling the same way as I am.

Time can takes away the space that you have; time can ease away the feeling and empty your heart; Yet time can never erase the memory.

We can neither reboot life, nor that we can walk away from it. We just need to keep going on. I need to keep moving on.

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