Short stories 1

I would like to call these posts as short stories. It’s almost a quarter to the end of my housemanship. I still remember I started from scratch about a year and half ago. Pediatric posting taught me to be born normal is a gift of life rather than being the prettiest child in town. Obstetrics and gynecology posting taught me being a mother is not an easy task and it takes a lot of sacrifices. Medical posting tells me that we can never breach the poverty gap, the sicks one from rural areas can never gain assess to health care system as easy as we thought of. I’m currently in orthopedic posting, the dreadful posting that I loath the most. I don’t really favor orthopedic since my medical school years. Nevertheless, orthopedics reminds me family support in the journey of healing. This post is about a young gentleman, who lost both of his right upper and lower limb. It’s about a month from now, this gentleman had an alleged motor vehicle accidents. Half of his body was trapped inside the car. When he reached the hospital, he was in bad shape, with both upper and lower limbs crush. He underwent few operations and was admitted to ICU. The orthopedic team tried as best as they could to salvage his limbs. The crush injuries were so bad that his kidneys started to shut down, rendered him on dialysis. The team had no choice but to counsel the family members for amputation. They could not make up their mind, after all taking away limbs was not an easy choice that anyone could ever imagine, he is just a 23 years old young gentleman, waiting to get marry in about few months time. Few days of struggle, they finally decided for amputations because this gentleman was in such a bad shape that he developed 1 episode of cardiac arrest. 
He woke up to realize he lost both right upper and lower limbs. When I first saw him in the ward, he was look depressed, so much that he refused to be communicative, he was basically a shell without any soul in it. And then I saw his family members, his parents, an old man with hunchbacked together with his wife, accompanied this gentleman days and night, waking up in the middle of night from time to time to feed him through his nasogastric tubes. I have the habit of walking around in the ward in the middle of the night to check on patients when I’m on duty. The figures of them, sleeping on a chair, tiring face and yet still smile each time when I tried to take the morning bloods. They told me he is a cheerful child, tough child that never fear of pain. The pain in his heart right now, is something we can hardly imagine.
One week later, he finally open up, started his first sentence, waving to me. I am so touched. It’s the family support that do all the healing. I know the journey ahead will not be a bed of roses to him, but at least he is casting his first step. 
I’m really grateful for what I have. At times, I get so frustrated, but to stop and look, to feel with your heart, I am so lucky and that little bit of frustration in life evaporated instantly. There are so many questions popping up when I look at this gentleman. His fiancé is always beside him during his stays in hospital. If you are the fiancé, what will you do? There’s no right or wrong, in choosing to leave or stay. I guess we will never be able to give an answer because we are not in her shoes. 
Vow~ a promise for better, for worse, in sickness and in health


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