Short story 2

How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is fine 🙂 This will be the second short stories for the week

It’s going to be quite a short one. I heard it from my folks that recently there’s one gentleman, at his mid 50, has a swelling over his neck region. It has been there for some time and he just got some investigations done. From the presentation and results of investigations, I’m guessing it’s most likely a NPC. He was suggested for radiotherapy. Unfortunately, he refused and opted for traditional way of healing. Instead of accepting the option of treatment suggested by the doctors, he chooses to believe that he is alright because his God said so via some rituals ceremony. I’m not trying to say it sounds ridiculous, of course I respect the diversity in culture. I just felt sad because knowing this will delay the treatment, knowing that NPC is curable. Perhaps health education has not been carried out sufficiently, or perhaps public education in the rural areas is insufficient. This gentleman is just one out of the thousands or millions people out there who is misled by others. There are many more examples and many more people who could have been missing the boat of proper treatment and leading to death.

I’m not sure whether this gentleman is going through the Koehler model of grief that he refused for treatment. He was compensated by the insurance company. Despite advises from his friends, he still insist on his own decision. To my surprise, his family members, his spouse supported his decision. Today I came across the picture of him and his spouse in a gathering with my folks. I can’t help but to feel sad. As a medical practitioner it’s very distress seeing this because you can predict the outcome.

It’s painful to lose someone you love, it’s painful to let the people who love you dearly to go through the pain of losing you. You may be gone, but they are still there mourning, grieving every single day. At this point of time, I recalled a though put from my friend, she said those people who is going to be intubated, should be given a chance, a word to their close one, because no one know what’s going to happen next. I agreed.

I can only pray for them for I can’t any further to make a difference.


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