I will start this post by telling a short story. I wonder any of you came across this story before. There is this sibling of two, A and B, personalities are of the exact opposite to each other, A being positive and B being negative minded. During their childhood period. Their father tried to alter their personality. He bought a bunch of new toys and gave it to B. On the other hand, he brought A to a stable which was piled up with faeces. 2 hours later, he saw B was hugging his new toys and crying endlessly. Surprisingly A was happily digging the faeces in searching for something. So this father asked B why is he crying instead of playing with his new bunch of toys. 
“If I play with it, they might get old, they might spoil and I wouldn’t have anything left” said B

“What about you A? Why are you so happy playing in this setting” father asked. 

“I’m trying to search for a pony beneath those faeces” A giggled in reply. 

From that day onward, he stopped in trying to alter their personality. Subsequently, as they grew up, A is is the cheerful person and B is still being the negative minded one. B will always be staring at his half filled cup of drinks, grieving at how soon the cup will be empty while A is always grateful for the half full of cup that he has. In the end, B lives in sorrows and A live with content. 

In real life, in fact there is only two choices to be made, to be positive or to be negative. Every event will always has two side of it, just like the above mentioned story. A cup of empty glass or a cup of half full glass, it depends on how you view it as. If you choose to be B, the cup will never be replenish because all you could ever think of is how soon it will come to an end. If you choose to be A, the cup always stand a chance to be replenish, even with a better drink perhaps. 

When I look around recently, there are few people and incidents who reminded me of this story as well as my past. There are so many challenges which I encountered along the way. I swear at certain point I was behaving almost like B. It’s a vicious cycle, that when you encounter a difficulty, you couldn’t get what you want so easily, you started to sway away from being positive and then you trap yourself in denial phase of the Kübler Ross grief cycle. Subsequently you shape yourself in a way that you stop trying and get engulfed by fear. In the end you live by seeking empathy from people. 

The truth is, you can never lead a life without facing some challenges. It’s only rainy days which will make you appreciate the sunny days, it’s only down part of the life which pushes you to achieve the seemingly impossible task. Life is not always about the down part of it, be grateful with what you have. 

I really consider myself as one of the luckiest person in the world, for having constant motivation from family and friends around. If it wouldn’t for them, I will still be digging endlessly. I always believe what lies in front and ahead is the best arrangement that I could ever have. Well it comes with tears and sorrows, but towards the end, I know it will be fruitful. 

Start making the choices in your life. I wish you all the best 🙂 


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