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Days of volunteering

Today marked the third day of my volunteering work in Tzu Chi as a photographer and writer (yeah, apparently now I can be a so-called photographer). This volunteering work took place at a dialysis center in Penang. Everyday, I was assigned to a patient with the aim to elicit and share their stories.

A year spent at hospital definitely take a toll on me. Literally, I undergone metamorphosis, which is from an emotional person towards becoming a numb-hearted person. I used to sob after seeing ill patient at the hospital. Now, it took hours perhaps? or it could be a totally-no-feeling-at-all person. Thus, when I landed myself at the dialysis center, the urge to write each and every story of them gradually weakened because I doubt my ability in eliciting and sharing their stories! Well, luckily I have a guardian of angel! Haha!

Allow me to express my feelings in Chinese words (I’m sorry if some of you might not be able to understand):


聆听肾友细述他们的经历时,常会听到他们曾经自问为何上天偏偏选择了贫穷的人们来受尽病痛的苦难。其实,当时的我也不解所思。然而再仔细聆听了师姑 (guardian of angel XD)的解说后,我渐渐地了解生命的真理。生生灭灭,凡事都是有因与果。种下了什么因,就会得到什么样的果。虽然很无奈地被病痛给盯上,但是换个角度来想,既然已经不能改变事实,为何不尝试改变自己的心态来积极地面对疾病?不应该觉得懊恼而一直转牛角尖,这样最终会困在一个圈圈里头。改变心态是很艰难,可是它不是一件不可能的事。其中一位肾友的乐观深深地打动了我。

“信善要及时,孝顺要及时” 我对当义工的意念是想借由自己的一双手,在自己的能力范围内帮助需要帮助的人。很常听到师姑说,一切皆是空。起初是很不明白其中的道理。但是,渐渐的我了解了在我们生活中的一切,其实原本是来自于没有的起点。意味着不要太过于执着一样事物,因为万物皆是空。把握当下,就是用心了!

Thank You for every experience! 感恩!


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Second chance

I’ve been basically neglecting my blog for like weeks, and here I am came back with such a title- Second Chance. I sounded quite old lately, well I blame my inner self or part of my frontal lobe for leading me to this thought after attending the Joint Conference in HK.

How many of us will get a second chance in our life, this is especially imply in the most important thing in our life? I am really lucky to have always been given a second chance. There are no exact words to describe how grateful I am.

Life is always a bliss. There are ups and certainly there are downs as well. I don’t know where these weird feelings of mine came out today, perhaps it was my Student ID card which brought me to this deep thought. From 2008 until now, I have come from such a long way. From a know-nothing-and-weak junior until now a talkative (well, I’ve always been that, hehe) and crazy 3rd year medical student. Medical education is such a long journey, 5 years of education!!! In this long journey, most of us, AT LEAST will get lost in the journey once.

I remember how weak my inner strength was when I first stepped into my university. Even before casting my foot into the university, I’ve been through a rollercoaster-style of life. Tears and tears and tears filled my days when I thought that I may never get a seat into medical education. Later on in my first year of medicine, I lost in direction again. I almost forgot how hard it was to get into medical education and how much I wanted to be in it because something happened. It was quite a childish act of mine during that time in response to that “something”. I really appreciate my family efforts in coping the downside with me. One month later, I am able to walk over the obstacles. I’ve learnt a lot from it and I swear I never will go back to that pathway again. This is the first second chance that I’ve been given. Thank You Mom! Thank You Dad! Thank You Bro!

I’ve always use to think that there is a purpose in our everyday life. A task, a special task each and everyday given by God in order to access our living skills. Will we be able to learn from the past and handle things better on the next encounter? This is the key point.

Recently, I came across another same encounter. I wouldn’t want to shed more lights on which encounter it was 😀 Let it be an itchiness in your mind that you may never find out the exact location. Aha! It was again, a second “second chance” given to me. In fact, it was quite a challenge to me whether I am able to handle it perfectly from what I’ve learnt from the past. It’s almost the same situation as before, the only difference is it’s not the Tham that I used to be from the past.

After a thorough consideration and thinking, I would like to take down this task. I don’t know how well I will be able to handle it, but I will make sure I give my 100% of efforts. To able to remain rational and not being carried away is the objective of the task. I would like to tell you that, I will try my best to make it a success no matter how slim the chances are because we are all in this together 😀

Let the nature take its course. Future is too wide to be predicted. We will never know what is waiting ahead of us. The only thing we could do is to give our very best and live the present to the fullest. Never forget our responsibility to ourself, our parents and our loves one 😀

Thank You Very Much For The Second Chance!



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