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Impending Post

Truly speaking, I am finding it hard to arrange thoughts into words. I guess that’s why it took me so long to write this impending post.

In my life, there are always miracles taking place when I felt I will be in a deep trouble. Its true! I always believe in that. There will always be a helping hands; a good advice deliver to me in a unique way. This time, it did the same as well!

Before I attended the church activities (for those who had read my previous post long ago, you would understand why I will attend these activities occasionally), I am seriously finding hard to arrange my thoughts regarding the things that happened lately. There was this one special story or should I called it as teachings/preachings told by the pastor. It’s about one thing, called -Scandalon. Personally, this is the first time I came across with this term.

Scandalon, in the bible, referred to some kind of obstacles or physical stone/barrier planted by people on the ground, with the hope to trap the trespassers. The pastor continued by telling a story which was dated back 2000 years ago, where there is one innocent man-Mark. During those days, the law commanded that whoever found to be have any small or tiny spots/pimples on their face, shall be called and labelled as having leprosy (an infectious disease) and to be isolated from the community. Poor Mark, was spotted to have the pimple and he was brought forward to see the priest. Despite thousand times of pleading, Mark was being labelled as Lepor and was sent out of the community. He was trap in a group of people with leprosy. 10 years later, Jesus passed by the valley and Mark called out for Him as Mark heard from rumours that Jesus is able to make the blind see and did many wonderful things to the unfortunates. Jesus told Mark to let go of the anger and the only way to get himself out from the scandalon is to forgive the people who condemned him. Finally, Mark risk his life and made his way to the community and forgive the priest. Miracle happened! He was healed from Leprosy!

As a matter of fact, we are unable to avoid offenses in our life. In the modern wold context, these scandolon will always be place around you. You just cannot avoid it. It’s true that it is very frustrating, annoying, disappointing when offenses hit you numerous time. Thousands of offenses yet are we able to focus on each of it and get mad over it? How much energy left for us to deal with other important and necessary things in our life? In fact, people who plant the scandalon might not even remember they did it before, they just get going with their life while you are being stuck and held behind by angers!

Yes, I felt this is so much true and yet I am held back by this scandolon recently. I have to say, I am really really really stupid! Haha!

I am glad that I came across this story! See, this is what I meant by miracle in my life!

So, message to be taken home after reading this post, do not held back by scandalon. Appreciate your life and keep moving forward. Make sure you lead a better life than they did, not for the sake of them, but it’s for the sake of yourself 😀

Thank You!


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