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Random thought

The truth is, I will be remaining at how I feel right now for some time. I’ve reached a point where I felt it doesn’t matter how the thing will work out eventually in future. I’m no longer rushing to the destination that I’ve always will and always wanted to at the very beginning when the thing started.

I started to believe time can change a person. Time is a very powerful transformation agent if you want me to describe its role. I remember I mentioned before in my previous post, no matter how strong a feeling or emotion you are in, with time goes on, you will able to experience how amazing time is in changing your emotion or feeling towards an even stronger one or a weaker one. That’s why I said, a feeling which can withstand the changes of time, is the truly strong feeling that you should value of.

I’m not in a hurry anymore. Well, it certainly doesn’t mean I gave up. I appreciate the journey and the process of it. Nothing is affecting my normal routine and my goals. It is a healthy feeling that I finally manage to achieve after years of learning.

I know it will be turn out to be 😀 So at the mean time, let the nature take its course.


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