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Naive or Simple

I realised a weird pattern of behaviors or I rather said a paradoxical behaviors. As we get older in age, our thoughts get more complicated. Back to the time when we were still a kid, our view may be as simple as 123 or abc. To quote an example, a smile on the face of others.
Children: This person is so friendly :D!
Adult: A sudden smile? Nothing comes without strings attached! What is his/her up to???

Well, not to say a little bit of thinking is not doing any good at time, but sometime too much of thinking will place a lot of burden in your mind that you are unable to be analytical. Thus, appropriate thinking is wise, too much of thinking become suspicious.

Some would say children are so naive, I would rather said they are simple. The beauty of simplicity is what we should learn to appreciate and apply in our daily life. I feel apologetic towards my cerebrum as I placed a hectic, unnecessary task for her everyday.

I heard a meaningful true story yesterday, about a 8-year-old boy who has acquired lower limb malformation which rendered him unable to ambulate himself. He had to rely on his mother to carry him to school everyday! They live in poverty. There were once one of the volunteer asked him what does he want the most? He said, “Please give me horse so I can ride to school everyday and my mother won’t have to carry me around” Such a simple, direct yet soul-touching response. He is not naive in fact. He is a bright child who is portraying the beauty of simplicity. We are once as simple as the boy. Sadly, how many of us still remained the same as how we used to be? I doubt myself in this.

We refuse to open up our mind and speak from the bottom of our heart. I value people who are able to speak truthfully. I am still learning to be simple, to stay away from complicated events and thoughts, to be able to speak up my feeling to the person I care.

I will be able to achieve it! Have faith!


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Simple Story

Today I heard a meaningful story. I would like to write it down as a reminder 😀

This is a story about one pastor and a young man. One day a young man, who is always living under shadows, wearing worries everyday came to his pastor. He was hoping someone to share his burden and worries, hoping the pastor would a listener to his thousand and thousand of problems and hopefully with a solution as to why burdens are crawling all over him everyday.

Young Man: Pastor, I wonder why I have such worries everyday. Worry about when am I able to settle the bills? Will I be able to save some money and make it through the month end? Why I fail the projects that I put so much efforts into it? Is it true that I have made the wrong choice? Could the time turn back so I could choose again? I should have choose that pathway!

After listening to the young man, the Pastor ask him to lie down on the floor. The Pastor place a pillow beneath his legs. Holding up the young man’s legs, the Pastor let off his legs. Of course the young man’s legs fell on to the pillow. Looking puzzled, the young man don’t understand the motive of the Pastor.

The Pastor again place several thumbtacks beneath his legs after taking away the pillow. He hold up the young man’s legs and again intended to let it go. The young man was shock and hold his legs in mid air, preventing it from falling to the ground which was full of the thumbtacks. To his shock, he question the Pastor why still letting his legs off while the floor is full with those thumbtacks!

With a smile on his face, the Pastor pat the young man’s shoulders, asking him to look down on the floor again. The young man was surprise as the thumbtacks were no longer there.

Young Man: Why the thumbtacks…?

Pastor: I removed it son (smiling). Did you believe in God? Did you believe in me? When you see the pillow beneath your legs, you were willing to let it off because you felt it is soft and safe. However, when you see it was full of sharp thumbtack, you refused to let it go and hold it straight even it used up a lot of energy. Son, did you realise you didn’t held up the faith on yourself, on me and on God? In life, we have to face many obstacles and challenges. After going through the incidents, people tend to look back and regrets. Its hard for them to let go. When you can’t let go, you will open a pathway for worries and burden. When you saw the thumbtacks, you tend to hold your legs because you know its going to hurt while what you didn’t realise is the thumbtacks were being removed when you were blinded by the fear of getting hurt. Sometime, you have to let yourself go. When things come, accept and face it. God will have his way of imposing challenge on us and guiding us through. Its a matter of letting it go and helding up your faith. Be strong Young Man.

Let go, you will let a new chance coming into your life. Its hard, but no harm to try. You will have a lighter life knowing everything is going to be alright as the toughest part will be gone eventually 🙂


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